pl Więcej na temat Sri Chinmoya

Papież Paweł VI

March 22nd, 1972, The Vatican

From Pope Paul VI to Sri Chinmoy

“This meeting of ours has been most essential. Your message and mine are the same. When we both leave this world, you and I, we will meet together.”
March 22nd, 1972
Meeting at the Vatican

“I want to tell you that I am truly proud of your service to the United Nations.”
June 27th, 1973
Meeting at the Vatican

From Sri Chinmoy to Pope Paul VI


“Father, we love your eyes of glowing light.
Father, we love your heart of Compassion-Height.
Your soul champions love-cry for peace on earth.
You bless our weakling hearts with confidence-birth.
In you is quenched the breathless thirst of world-hours.
In you the UN's high perfection-tree flowers.”