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U Thant

Sri Chinmoy and U Thant, 29 Feb 1972

Sri Chinmoy and U Thant
29th February 1972, UN Headquarters New York

From U Thant to Sri Chinmoy:

“I have been hearing about you from many, many people. Whoever speaks to me about you is all appreciation and admiration, and I personally feel that you have been doing a most significant task for the United Nations. It has been a great privilege for me to see you. Please feel my sincere respect and sincere concern for what you are doing for mankind.”
February 29th, 1972,
Meeting at the United Nations Headquarters, New York

“You have indeed instilled in the minds of hundreds of people here the moral and spiritual values which both of us cherish very dearly. I shall always cherish the memorable occasion of our meeting at the United Nations.”
April 10th, 1972,
Meeting at the United Nations Headquarters, New York

“Sri Chinmoy has done a most remarkable job in presenting the play in simple language understandable even to the uninitiated. His stress on the basic characteristics of Buddhism-on compassion, love, renunciation, peace-should stimulate the thoughts of leaders of men and leaders of thought everywhere…I feel very strongly that only by the practical application of the teachings of great religious leaders, particularly the development of the moral and spiritual aspects of life as Sri Chinmoy has stressed in the play - love, compassion, tolerance, the philosophy of live-and-let-live, modesty and even humility-that only with this approach will we all be able to fashion the kind of society we want, a truly moral society, a decent society, a livable society, which is the goal of all great religions…”
May 25th, 1973
U Thant offered his comments following the premier performance of Siddhartha Becomes the Buddha by Sri Chinmoy, Harrison, New York

From Sri Chinmoy to U Thant

“Divinity's Smile and Humanity's Cry”

“U Thant, U Thant,
We love your silence-soul,
We loved your compassion-heart.
Your world-harmony role
Challenged ignorance-dart.
UN pilot supreme,
You treasured perfection-dream.”

“U Thant's life of humility was the result of his heart's nobility. His heart of nobility was the result of his soul's unparalleled divinity.

In the inner world, he was God's Promise, God's Promise to the outer world. In the outer world he was man's confidence, man's confidence in becoming a dedicated instrument of the inner world.”

“Simplicity was U Thant's life.
Sincerity was U Thant's mind.
Purity was U Thant's heart.
His was the approach of serene
And illumined dignity.”